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NEC DSX-40 Phone System Kit with 3-22 Key Phones (Blk) 1091015
  • NEC DSX-40 Phone System Kit with 3-22 Key Phones (Blk) 1091015

    • DSX-1091015
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Looking for a powerful, extremely customizable, yet easy to program small business phone system? Then look no further than the DSX-40. This kit comes ready to handle 4 phone (CO) lines, 8 digital telephones, and 2 analog (single line) devices (such as a fax machine, a single line telephone or credit card machine). Also included are interface circuits for 2 analog door chime boxes (including dry contact relays). Three digital 22-button phones are included in this kit.

Caller ID is included (required CID service from phone service provider), intercom, paging to all system phones, easy voicemail integration, Music on Hold Professional pre-recorded (Studio Quality, no equipment to install), paging port built-in. All DSX Phone systems provide built-in call answering even without a voicemail card. This gives the DSX the ability to answer and route calls to mailboxes, and they can even have a 30 second instructional greeting.

The 22-button telephones come in a stylish black color and each feature a crystal clear speaker phone and are headset capable.

Phone System Features

KSU (Control Unit)


Out of the box, our phone system comes pre-installed with the latest software, pre-loaded music on-hold, and are tested before they ship DSX-40.

Digital 22-Button Telephones (Black)


Our most popular business telephone, this 22-key digital conference speakerphone has ample features to provide you and your business with all the extras you've been looking for. It comes with 12 personal speed dial keys, 10 programmable feature keys, and 4 interactive soft keys (under LCD display).

66 Installation Block


We supply you with an Easy-Install, Pre-Punched 66-Block! And, every port is covered — If your order includes over 24 ports, we'll include enough 66-Blocks for you to complete the job!

Phone Labels


22-Button Phone Labels. Every phone is covered — Free labels for every type of phone included with your Phone System order.

6-Month Advanced Replacement

Free 6 Month Advance Replacement on all DSX Parts & Phones. If something goes wrong within the first 6 months, we'll ship you brand new replacement for Free! The remaining year and a half warranty is handled by the manufacturer.

Pre-Loaded On-Hold Music

When you purchase a system from us, we pre-install it and pre-load it with pleasant, studio quality on-hold music.

Music On-Hold Audio Cable


We include an audio cable that can be used to easily connect a Music On-Hold Player or external paging source.

Professional Auto-Attendant Greeting


Sound professional from the first call with a Free Custom 50-Word Professionally Recorded Auto-Attendant Greeting.

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