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IntraMail PRO 4x16 Voice Mail 1091051 NEC DSX-40 DSX-80
  • IntraMail PRO 4x16 Voice Mail 1091051 NEC DSX-40 DSX-80

    • DSX-1091051
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NEC DSX 1091051 IntraMail Pro 4 Port 16 Hour 160 Mailbox, Integrated Voicemail, Email Delivery, and Full Time Auto Attendant

    FAQ: What is the difference between the IntraMail and IntraMail Pro voice mails?
  1. Email Integration: Receive notification of a new voice mail message to your inbox. The notification includes the callers number and name and can optionally include the recorded message as a .WAV file attachment.
  2. Cascading Message Notification: Cascading Message Notification can call you at up to five preset destinations to let you know a new voice mail message has arrived.
  3. Find Me Follow Me: Helps an Automated Attendant caller find you when you are not at your desk.
  • Powerful Integrated Voice Mail For The Small Office/Home Office
  • The NEC DSX IntraMail Pro provides Email Integration that automatically sends an email notification when a DSX phone user receives a new message in their Subscriber Mailbox. The email can optionally include the recorded message as a wav file attachment. You must have IntraMail Pro 4 Port x 16 Hour (P/N 1091051) or IntraMail Pro 8 Port x 32 Hour (P/N 1091053) in order to use Email Integration. Additionally, you must have a valid SMTP email account for your system. Email Integration is available in DSX software versions 2.03 and higher.
  • The email can optionally include the recorded message as a wav file attachment. To hear the message, the email recipient double-clicks the wav attachment to have the message play in their wav player (such as Windows Media Player). Email Integration uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to deliver messages to the recipient's email account. If the message recipient has a mobile telephone service provider with an SMS (Short Message Service) portal, they can optionally choose to have text messages delivered right to their cell phone. In either case, Email Integration does not provide synchronization - the email account and the voice mailbox operate independently. For example, deleting the voice mail message does not automatically delete the email and visa-versa. If Email Integration tries to deliver an email and it doesn't go through because of a connection problem (i.e., no connection or a dropped connection), it will retry every 15 minutes for 24 hours. If the email still can't go through, Email Integration cancels the delivery.
  • The IntraMail Voice Mail Module provides sophisticated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant features previously available only with expensive add-ons or costly external units. The IntraMail Automated Attendant includes the call answering features you demand such as dial access to extensions, unique day, night, and holiday answering (Flexible Answering Schedules), the ability for multiple companies to share the same IntraMail, and the capability to dial employees by entering their names instead of extension numbers (Directory Dialing).
  • IntraMail Voice Mail is much more than simple messaging. Advanced IntraMail features allow you to automatically place a return call to the message sender (Caller ID with Return Call), screen your incoming calls (Call Screening), forward a message to a co-worker (Message Forward), and send a call to a co-worker's mailbox (Transfer to a Mailbox).
  • IntraMail is truly an integrated system. Just plug in IntraMail, power up and your voicemail system is ready to take messages. Its that simple! Station ports are not required so it does not reduce system capacity. Interactive "Soft" key prompts on System Display Phones help users handle their messages. A flashing message lamp lets users know that the IntraMail has a message for them.
  • IntraMail also provides full Auto Attendant features, Multiple Company Greetings, Flexible Answer Schedules, Fax detection, Answering Machine Emulation, Conversation record and many other popular voicemail features.
  • Send your own Master or Personal Greetings, and Music on Hold or Promotion on Hold messages to the Intramail as a wav files via the PC System administrator (Version. 2.14 or higher)
Phone and IntraMail Feature Tutorial

This interactive tutorial guides you step-by-step through all the Telephone and IntraMail features available on this DSX telephone (Optional Voice Mail Card needed for Vmail features). Just click on the feature you want to review and follow the instructions for an enjoyable and informative tour through the DSX features.

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