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CPU Central Processor Card 1090010 NEC DSX-80 DSX-160
  • CPU Central Processor Card 1090010 NEC DSX-80 DSX-160

    • DSX-1090010
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  • Please call your sales rep, at 919-324-3389, for pricing and availability.

  • The CPU Card is the system's control center. It provides the system's Linux operating system, central processing, stored program, and memory for the customer's site-specific data. Every system requires a CPU Card.
  • CompactFlash card interface (for IntraMail, software loading, and database backup)
  • Conference circuits, DTMF receivers and DTMF generators
  • Real Time Clock
  • NAND Flash for storing the system database
  • Battery for short term (14 day) backup of the Real Time Clock and station parameters
  • Two audio inputs for Background Music and Music on Hold (3.5mm 1/8" mono mini jack)
  • One audio output for External Paging (3.5mm 1/8" mono mini jack)
  • Ethernet and USB ports for local and remote PC Programming
  • RS-232 serial port for Station Message Detail Recording
  • Built-in V.32BIS 14.4K BPS modem for remote maintenance
  • IntraMail flash card pictured is an option and not included
    The CPU also has a reset switch that provides the following three functions:
  • System reset (when momentarily pressed)
  • System initialization (when held down as power is turned on)
  • Software update (when held down for 6 seconds with software update CompactFlash installed)
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