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Wireless Headset Adapter (WHA) 1091054 NEC DSX-40 DSX-80
  • Wireless Headset Adapter (WHA) 1091054 NEC DSX-40 DSX-80

    • DSX-1091054
    • In Stock

  • Please call your sales rep, at 919-324-3389, for pricing and availability.

  • For the NEC DSX 40 and DSX 80
  • The DSX Wireless Headset Adapter allows you to connect a Plantronics Wireless Headset System directly to your DSX telephone's headset jack. The DSX Wireless Headset Adapter tightly integrates your headset system with the DSX to provide enhanced wireless mobility and call answering. The Plantronics lifter is not required.
  • The DSX Headset Adapter is compatible with all Plantronics Wireless Headset Systems that use the HL10 Handset Lifter, including:
    • CS55 Series
    • CS70 Series
    • Supraplus Wireless Series
    • Voyager Series
  • The DSX Headset Adapter is compatible with the following DSX telephone models:
    • 1090021 34-Button Backlit Display Telephone/Black Series 2 or higher *
    • 1090026 34-Button Backlit Display Telephone/White Series 2 or higher *
    • 1090023 Full-Duplex Super Display Telephone/Black
    • 1090028 Full-Duplex Super Display Telephone/White

    Additionally, the DSX Wireless Headset Adapter requires system software version 2.25 or higher.

    * Check the product label on the bottom of the telephone. For Series 2 telephones, the 3rd digit of the MFG CODE must be 2 or higher (see below). The MFG CODE is also provided on the telephone box.

    MFG Label

  • Equipment is Brand New w/2 Year Factory Warranty
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