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NEC DSX-80 Phone System 4 Slot / 8 Lines x 16 Stations KSU with 2-Port Voicemail
  • NEC DSX-80 Phone System 4 Slot / 8 Lines x 16 Stations KSU with 2-Port Voicemail

    • DSX-1091022-VM
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Customize your own multi-line PBX phone system starting with this DSX-80. Equipped with 4 slots, 8 CO lines, and 16 digital stations right out of the box and the ability to be expanded to a total of 16 lines and 32 stations at its max. Add some phones and a voicemail and your business will be up and running!

The DSX-80 has the capability of intercom and paging to all system phones, conference, toll restriction, barge in, speed dials, call waiting, call forwarding, easy voicemail integration, paging port built-in, and connects directly to paging horns.

The included IntraMail voicemail provides 2 ports x 8 hours meaning that you have two simultaneous pathways into voicemail at any given time, and the system will save up to 8 hours worth of messages.

Make it a Kit by Adding 3 Phones and get:

  • Free 6 Month Advance Replacement on all System Parts. We Ship Brand New Parts for Free & Pay Shipping Both Ways!
  • Free 66 Install Block, Pre-Punched with Easy Plug-In Cables to Cover Every Port
  • Free Printable Phone Labels for Every Phone with Labeling Software
  • Free Fast, On-Site Live Talk or Remote Admin Tech Support
  • Free Preloaded Latest System Software and Voicemail Prompts
  • Free Preloaded with our Time Saving, Time Tested Default Settings
  • Free Pre-Installed Battery, System and Voicemail Cards
  • Free 50-Word Customizable, Professionally Recorded Auto-Attendant Greeting
  • Free Pre-Installed Music-On-Hold
  • Free 30-Day Call Accounting Free Trial with Installation Hardware
† Requires an InMail voicemail card.
* Phone System Kit defined as a KSU with 3 Phones Min.
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